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Wedding : William x Shirlene

Wedding : William x Shirlene
Back in the early January 2015, my fellow colleague approach me if I was free to do a shoot coverage of his gate-crashing event. Without hesitation I said YES!

I have always enjoy chinese gate-crashing. The games played are always surprisingly interesting to show how much the groom’s love to the bride. This time around, the groom, William, had to sing, draw, eat and answer 21-questions set by his mother-in-law.

The ever lovely bride Shirlene looks like Jeanette Aw(Mediacorp)!

Congrats William & Shirlene!

:: Signing off, Hakim. ::

Wedding : Azli x Shalwa

Wedding of Azli x Shalwa

I have known Shalwa as a classmate since 2009, back when I was taking my Bachelor in Media Arts.
She is cool gal who is hardworking and always cracks jokes. She did came to me for a catch up to see how my photography business is doing. And on one day, she decided to engage Studiohakim as the official photography coverage for her wedding. Now she is married to her senior ex-schoolmate Mr Azli. May you both be blessed.

The approach to this shoot is casual. I shoot with the following equipment:-

– TWO Nikon D800
– ONE 17-35mm f2.8
– ONE 50mm f1.4
– ONE SB800 flash

The post-edit on the other hand, I wanted to emulate the earthy, brown with more black tones, however still maintaining the skin tone.

Decoration :  Jentayu Gallery
( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jentayu-Gallery/113964091959673 )

Secondary Photographer :  Luqman Kamal

:: Signing off, Hakim. ::