Film, sound, video.

Today, I had the luxury to step away from the weekly wedding and events shooting, and attended a full day seminar.

The seminar touches on aerial videography/photography, sound and, a new and upcoming “mixed-reality” goggles.

The first talk is about aerial videography and photography by Mr Shah from BeCreative Professionals. He has shot videos for Channel 5 & 8 and wedding cinematography. It was quite surprising because I first met Mr Shah way back in 2012. Now BeCreative Professionals is one of the leading wedding cinematographers around. The takeaway from the talk is, an advice to use drone to extend our role as a cinematographer.

The second talk is by Mr Faz Salleh from Sennheiser. He ran through a plethora of sound basic concepts. These basic concepts are what lacking in our current cinematography productions. He did mentioned that video and sound has similar characteristics. There are the low, low-mid, mid, mid-to-high and high tones. In raw, uncompressed audio, we can tweak and grade to provide much richer sounds.

I have learnt and recap sound concepts such sound pressure level (SPL) aka decibels, the usage of omni-directional and cardiod sound patterns. It really surprise me as these basic concepts were not adhered to in the industry.

The last talk was more on an Epson-Dji collaboration on a mixed-reality goggles. I had a try on the product and it was quite an experience. I can see the feed from the drone as well as engaging in line of sight with the drone.

However, the damage for this product was SGD$1,000.00. Was it necessary? I mean if you have the extra budget, you can get one. For a shoot-and-run shooter like me, I find it a hassle to have the overall setup with that kind of price tag.
So what have I learn today? I have learnt that the basics of film, sound and video are still wuite relevant today. Without good sound, cinematography will just be a nice video and likewise, if there is crisp sound, but the videography is crappy, then you do not do any justice to the production. Lastly, having both great video and sound, is not as important as having a great narrative. These three factors usually come hand-in-hand in producing a great production.

Creating value out of nothing

Most of the time, especially in the wedding industry, most of the audience out there do not understand the work that it takes, to make the event a success.
The planning, the workmanship, the PR, the craft, the sleepless nights.

All these and yet they want it for free…

Hereby, I am opening up the doors to those who want to understand the numeric breakdown of time against money. Feel free to drop me a holla and I will walkthrough with you, in detailed, on why the prices are such.

Wedding : William x Shirlene

Wedding : William x Shirlene
Back in the early January 2015, my fellow colleague approach me if I was free to do a shoot coverage of his gate-crashing event. Without hesitation I said YES!

I have always enjoy chinese gate-crashing. The games played are always surprisingly interesting to show how much the groom’s love to the bride. This time around, the groom, William, had to sing, draw, eat and answer 21-questions set by his mother-in-law.

The ever lovely bride Shirlene looks like Jeanette Aw(Mediacorp)!

Congrats William & Shirlene!

:: Signing off, Hakim. ::

Wedding : Dayalan x Rajini

Wedding : Dayalan x Rajini
I have always advised any photographers that if they can survive shooting an indian wedding, they can literally survive in any wedding.

10 years on and indian wedding has always been quite a challenge to me. The colors, the culture,  the food, the chanting, the harmony in disharmony,.

One of the most colourful wedding is, an indian wedding.

The colours POP! Vibrant and alive.

There are many practices in indian culture. It varies from hindu indian, to christian indian to muslim indian. Each holds their own rituals and traditions. As a photographer one needs to be on the toes to adapt and learn these actions and rituals.

Talking about the food, all I can say, the food is wonderful. It ranges from the norm bread such as the roti to heavy gravy such as the pen-ya ( a sweet coconut gravy chicken ) to the mouth watering suji.

My congrats goes to both Dayalan and Rajini. May you guys have a the greatest marriage of all. Stay cool in Australia!

Events Management : Shaabaz Events & Management
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Secondary Photographer :  Luqman Kamal

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Wedding : Zul x Suerya

Wedding : Zul x Suerya
The lovely couple of Zul & Suerya had their solemnization at the Gurame Resaurant at 11 Changi Coastal Walk.

They had requested to have their photos taken in the most natural way without any pre-emptive poses or choreographed actions.
With the setup of ONE Nikon D800 and ONE Nikon D700, I began the day with shooting the location ambience and then proceed to capture the happenings of the event.

Lovely setup. Generous couple.
Congrats on you both!

Producer : Studiofive Corp Pte Ltd
( )
Location : Gurame Restaurant
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:: Signing off, Hakim.

A photo is not just a picture. It is an encapsulation of the moment of time. Eternal and everlasting.